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 In 1990, born in Nagoya, JAPAN
 In 2003, (12 years old)  a traffic accident caused a brain injury discribed as  “Higher brain dysfunction”   with physical disability and speech disorder.(Major symptoms of higher brain dysfunction: forgetting  things easily , having difficulty with remembering recent events , lowered motivation , cannot pay attention to multiple things, unable to work efficiently)
In2006, graduated from junior high school, and then going to  high school with his parents and support staff.
In2009-2015,  Kyoto university of art and design (Correspondence Education) , oil painting course.
In 2015-,  Graduate school of Kyoto university of art and design (Correspondence Education)

Solo exhibition
In 2010, first solo exhibition “The first step” (Nagoya)
In 2011, “Prayer of the one stroke ” (Daikokuya gallery Ginza Tokyo)
In 2012, “ONENESS ~one life~” (Nagoya)
March In 2014 , “Alive and having fun ?” (Nagoya)
December In 2014 , Nagoya City Human Rights Week –Mizukami Takuya Exhibition
 ”200 years later conversation” (Nagoya)


In 2002/ 2005, Nagoya Castle  sketch contests : Nagoya Castle Scenic Preservation Association Awards (First Prize)
In 2007/2008, Nishi-ku Nagoya-City Exhibition : Promising artist award
In 2009, The welfare exhibition of Nagoya: Chyunichi Award
In 2010, Chyubu Genten exhibition :  Award for first-time exibitor
In 2011, Genten Art Conpetition 67 : First winning work
In 2012/2013, Chyubu Genten exhibition : Promising artist award
In 2014, Aichi Art Brut Exhibition : Excellence award
In 2015, Genten Art Conpetition 71 in Nsgoya :Tokai Television Award
           Associate member of Genten-modern art association


Watching  baseball , Japanese chess(Shogi), singing

4-534-1 Onogi Nishi-ku Nagoya-city Aichi-ken 452-0803,JAPAN