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On April 11, 1990  Born as 3 brother's eldest son in Nishi-ku, Nagoya-shi

4 years old   Begins taking piano lessons from his mother.

5 years old   Begins drawing in painting classroom supervised by Ms Izumi Taniguchi

7 years old  Nagoya Municipal Onogi elementary school
8 years old  Nagoya Castle scenic Preservation Society sketching competition

"Nagoya City chairman Award"
10 years old  Plays taiko in the music club

11 years old  Joins Nagoya children’s choir (class of 48)
Becomes a member of Nagoya City Science Museum Science Club
Participates in World Youth Exchange Association sponsored "1st Junior Science Cruise"

12 years old Wins first prise at the Nagoya Castle Scenic Preservation Society sketching competition "Association Award"
Chosen amang Nagoya "Winter Life " cover picture contest winners
Carries out volunteer activities in the West Nagoya Junior leader "Tsubasa" group


<< March 15 ,2003- involved in a traffic accident caursing a brain injury->>

After a period a month and a half with no signs of consciousness, his life was miraculously saved ,but he was left with a brain injury  described as “Higher brain dysfunction” involving physical disability and speech disorder.(Major symptoms of higher brain dysfunction : forgetfulness , having difficulty with remembering recent events, lowered motivation ,inability to pay attention to multiple things , unable to work efficiently)


To the >> hospitalization volume.

 13 years old  Aichi Medical University Hospital  Urgent hospitalization-5 months
                    Nagoya-City Rehabilitation Center   Changing hospital -2 months
                    Aoitori Medical Center  Changing hospital-2 months
                    Transfers to a special education junior high school in Nagoya ,and commutes to    hospital  for  rehabilitation.
14 years old  Returns to Nagoya municipal Yamadahigashi  junior high school ordinary class in April,
                  using "Nagoya-shi assistant system" which allows a student to study with his or her parents.
                  Club activities: Chorus club.
                  Meets pottery teacher Mr. Kato Syojyu through work experience ,and becomes a student of Mr. Kato.
15 years old Work experience at West Nagoya summer volunteer school in a special nursing home for the   elderly     “Syonai-no-Sato”
16 years old  Enters Nagoya welfare college to study higher level courses .
                   Meets a sculptor, Mr.Oji Munenori , in the art class.
                   Club activities: Fine art club and Japanese flower arrangement club
17 years old  Participates in "Nagoya victory" baseball team for the physically challenged.
                   Ozone Art Center -studies to take an examination in sketching.
                   Studies under Mrs. Yuki Shibata.
                   Seien Art Center - studies under Mr. Ikuo Yomeyama.
19 years old Enrolls in Kyoto University of Art and Design, correspondence course section ,to study oil painting.  Graduated from the university in 2015
20 years old    First solo exhibition "The First Step" (Nagoya )
                     37th Chubu Genten exhibition Aword for first time exivitor: "Murotsu sunset glow"
21year old    67th Genten Art Competition first winning work : " Singing voice of the angel." 
                            -(every subsequent year)
                  Personal web site “Atelier- TAKUYA” lauched.
                  Solo exhibition "Prayer of one stroke"  ( Ginza Daikokuya Gallery)
22 year old    Solo exhibition  " ONENESS ~one life~ “ (Nagoya)
24 year old    Solo exhibition "Alive and having fun? "(Nagoya)
                    Solo exhibition Nagoya Human Rights Week Memorial ExhibitionTakuya Mizukami exhibition" 200 years later conversation."(Nagoya)
25 year old   Enters Kyoto University of Art and Design graduate school ,correspondence course
                   Big-i  Art Project 2015 prize
                   Participate as a panelist in The Carering Communication Society,
                   Participate as a panelist in The 24th Annual Meeting of the Japan Coma Society.